A short story following a traveller who, dragging a heavy box, faints at the gates of a grand city.

The artwork is drawn entirely in polygons and printed as two layers of translucent ink, darkening where they overlap.

Hook & Loop

A young man climbs a pyramid, only to see another in the distance. He is being pursued...

The tonal variation is achieved by use of experimental halftones, allowing moiré effects to create an energetic vibration, akin to staring at the sun.

This short run was printed lithographically by hand onto cyclical, concertina style pages. One side is yellow for day and the other is blue for night. Both colours intersect on the end pages, dusk and dawn, creating a third colour. 

American Cities Viewed

A book of photographs taken in six cities in the USA, screen printed by hand using four colour process then bound in green cloth. The route through the cities, San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN and New York City NY, is printed in white on the cover.

The Antichrist, Fifteenth Century Woodcuts

Five lino-cut prints depicting the creation of man and woman by God, followed by their creation of machine in their own image. The prints were hand bound in a faux leather, hard back cover which features the title and cog/wheel/pentagram rosette.