To Let A Good Thing Die

The artwork for Bruno Major’s second album was inspired by the solar system. The first wave of singles are represented by minimal illustrations of orbital movements, with each of the radial lines showing the position of the planets on that particular release date. These were drawn with white and black pen onto tracing paper with a coloured underlay.

The second wave was a more gestural approach. These are coloured monochromatic photograms, made using assorted meterials, a desk lamp and chemical processes. The album cover itself is a combination of both. The image was generated by making radial traces of the relative positions of each planet between the day of Bruno’s birth and the album’s release date. This graphic was etched onto acetate, put through the photogram steps and digitally coloured.

Various animated versions were created for social media and streaming platforms. The album was also released on CD and 12” Vinyl, which feature scale representaions of the eight planets, a series of codes and the lyrics in a radial layout on the inner wallet.