Ung Nordisk Musik 2021

This is a festival with a legacy of around 50 years of innovative music by young Nordic composers. The nomadic event is hosted by a different city each year in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland or Iceland. 2021 was the turn of Aarhus in Denmark. 

The design is a hand drawn rendering of the surrounding coastline, striking with it’s natural lines and angular, industrial protrusions. The map’s cutout duplicates are stacked deep like a pile of parchment, representing a history of adventurous composition. In addition to this is an elegant, rotationally symmetrical logotype, embodying the cyclic and progressive nature of the series.

This aesthetic was carried over to the digital and printed programme for the event. The back cover features different scales of the map, zooming out to include all the host nations, the capitals of which are shown relative to Aarhus within the compass rose.