Haddow - door de ruit

This book is a supplement to a composition released under the Haddow alias. The music was an improvised composition made from recordings of different sounds in different spaces across a two year period in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Performance excerpts interact with field recordings and studio layering, revealing a window into those times.

The book provides insight into the wide range of sound sources, locations, recording techniques and more, whilst also echoing that compositional approach with its translucent pages and mix of descriptive and implicit imagery and writing.


Below is the listening score. It holds no information regarding melody, rhythm or the like but describes the instrument (or sound source), exciter (mode of playing) and duration as well as recording time, location and technique. All sounds are treated the same. For instance, as fingers play a stringed instrument in a venue, the wind plays the trees in the garden. The other image is a scale drawing of a reverberant staircase featured in the middle section of the piece. The excerpt from that location is combined with the sound of wind and breath.